Walter Clay Cox Jr.

Birthdate: November 9, 1922

Birthplace: Danville, Kentucky

College: University of Kentucky

Drafted or Enlisted: ROTC while at University of Kentucky

Area of Service: Army

During the War: Walter Cox fought in the Alsace –Lorraine region of France, along the border of Germany. While in France, Walter remembers fighting German soldiers along the Maginot line, and reclaiming a village near Wingen France, which was occupied by more than 700 German soldiers. As a lieutenant, Walter was in charge of the forty men in his platoon. With his platoon, Walter traveled from town to town in search of German soldiers, finally ending up in Frankfurt, Germany when the war ended. Post war, Walter was assigned to round up any remaining German soldiers. After coming home, Water Cox continued with his education at the University of Kentucky, graduating in 1948. Walter Cox’s story highlights the differing affects of the Bill. Not only did it give opportunity to those who previously had no chance of furthering their education, it also helped ease veterans into the next phase of their lives as civilians. With the Bill, Walter was able to finish his education while supporting a wife and new child, and the extra money made the transition from soldier to civilian life an easier one.


Walter Clay Cox Jr.