The Veterans

These next pages detail the accounts of four men for whom the GI Bill was paramount. All four served in the Army in the European theatre, but their experiences both before and during the war were vastly different. Some grew up assuming that they would be able to attend college, while others, poor and from rural areas, had no expectations of education post high school. However, by serving during World War II, they were all eligible for the GI Bill. The level of the bill’s impact varies among the four veterans. For two of these men, taking the GI Bill was life changing, and it altered the course of their lives and opened doors that were previously locked to them. For the other two, who attended some college before they served, it provided additional opportunities that allowed them more possibilities to achieve their educational goals. Across the board, the GI Bill gave them flexibility and opportunity to choose how they would like to live their lives by affording them the access to an education.